Monday, November 20th, 2017

Sittin’ in Guantanamo Bay


palm_tree_2I hear Cuba is lovely in February.

The White House acknowledged for the first time Friday that it might not be able to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay by January as President Barack Obama has promised.

Senior administration officials told The Associated Press that difficulties in completing the lengthy review of detainee files and resolving thorny legal and logistical questions mean the president’s self-imposed January deadline may slip.

I’m shocked, shocked, that Obama may be breaking another campaign promise.

But eight months after Obama’s pledge and with only four months to go before the January deadline, a number of difficult issues remain unresolved. They include establishment of a new set of rules for military trials, finding a location for a new prison to house detainees and finding host countries for those who can be released.

This was always an exercise in symbolism over substance. The best location for a prison to house the detainees was always right where it is – in Guantanamo Bay. Moving it would always mean less security and the creation of other political headaches.

Amateur hour is over. Time to fight the war.

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