Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

So how drunk was he?


In case you have not been following the exchange on Twitter between Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate and myself, the good folks at RightWisconsin asked me to write about it. The exchange, less-than-civil on Tate’s part, was about former party communications director Graeme Zielinski and if he was intoxicated while speaking, or “tweeting,” on behalf of the Democratic Party. I also asked Tate what he knew about Zielinski’s two previous drunk driving convictions and the fact that Zielinski was commuting from Milwaukee to Madison in car with Texas plates that expired five years ago.

Zielinski recently missed a court date for the arrest for a third OWI.

Tate and the Democratic Party’s refusal to answer my questions, and Tate’s ill-tempered response to my questions, made for an interesting conversation, but it also says something about how the Democrats feel they are entitled to never have their professional conduct questioned.

By the way, I wonder how homosexual rights groups feel about Tate’s attempt to use sexual orientation as an attack. You’d think that someone who was once a leader in the fight for legalized gay marriage would have a better sense of political correctness.

(For the record, “nah, Mongo straight.”)

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