Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

So how many transgendered children are there in Oconomowoc?


Talk about overreaction. Coming to a talk radio discussion near you: Oconomowoc is installing unisex bathrooms in every school in the district because one transgender kid walked into a bathroom when some other kid was using it.

Parents of a first grade girl at Summit Elementary School were upset recently after learning that a 6-year-old transgender child walked in on their child while she was using the restroom.

As a result of the Sept. 6 incident, the district has taken steps to provide a unisex bathroom in the elementary school and are working to provide those same facilities at all district schools.

According to a press release issues this morning: “The Oconomowoc Area School District has worked with the parents of a transgender elementary student, in order to ensure that no discrimination is directed at the student, and in order to fully observe the legal rights of this student and all other students in the District.”

Really? The kid can’t just use the bathroom in the school’s teachers lounge, or some other special accomodation can’t be made for this one child? The whole school district (eight schools) are going to get new bathrooms instead because the district can’t be flexible in its thinking.

(If you’re afraid the child is going to feel singled out if a special accomodation is made, I would say having the whole bathroom issue splashed across the newspaper probably took care of that.)

I have a friend that’s a plumber and he can always use the work, but I can’t imagine the taxpayers are going to be too happy about this.

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