Saturday, July 20th, 2019

So Marga Krumins is gay


Marga Krumins, running against State Representative Bill Kramer in Waukesha, came out of the closet to announce that she’s a lesbian. Nobody in Kramer’s Assembly District will give give a damn and she will lose the election just the same as if she was a married heterosexual woman like the last two candidates Kramer easily defeated.

If anything, Krumins is less known in the community, and her views on topics other than homosexuality are so far out from the views of Waukesha voters she should lose by an even wider margin. The only political risk for Krumins is that Democrats who opposed gay marriage in 2006 might not vote for her in 2012.

But she got some publicity for a day, and I’m sure there will be leftwing blog posts talking about how brave she is for coming out of the closet while running for an office she had no chance of winning.

In the meantime, the Democratic Party of Waukesha misses opportunities to connect with Waukesha voters and they continue to wonder why they can’t get elected to any partisan office.

If Krumins really wants to be considered brave, she could come out in favor of voter ID, lower taxes, less government spending, concealed carry, Waukesha’s water diversion application, and against high speed rail. That would take some guts for a Democrat.

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