Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Some post primary parting shots


Some post-election thoughts:

I wonder if Erick Erickson of Red State, Club for Growth, Senator Jim DeMint, Tea Party Express, all feel a little stupid for not listening to Wisconsin conservatives when they (well, we) said Neumann was not worthy of their support. I wonder if any of them who were so determined to stop former Governor Tommy Thompson now regret throwing their support behind Neumann, or even feel a little bit responsible about dividing conservatives and allowing Thompson to win?

I know I’m the only one who keeps saying this, but Congressman Tammy Baldwin is easier to beat than people think. What will be ironic is if President Barack Obama decides to spend resources here to win Wisconsin. Then Baldwin might be more competitive. Obama might not have needed to spend those resources if the Republicans had not picked Congressman Paul Ryan to run for Vice President, or if a weaker Republican senate candidate (Neumann, Fitzgerald) had won the nomination Tuesday.

On the other hand, former Congressman Mark Neumann learned that he effectively ended his political career in 2010. Two years from now will we hear from Neumann, “If I had known how good a senator Tommy Thompson would be, I would never have run for the senate.”

Will Chip Englander move back to California?

Eric Hovde announced during his concession speech that it’s the end of his political career. While there were shouts of, “No!” from the audience, find another open spot for Hovde to run right now. Unless he takes a shot at winning the Dane County congressional seat in two years, there’s not a convenient opening.

Democrats lurched to the left Tuesday night with the defeat of State Reps Jason Fields and Peggy Krusick.

State Rep. Elizabeth Coggs proved that someone named “Coggs” can lose an election in Milwaukee, something I had thought was against the state constitution.

State Representative Sandy Pasch invaded Milwaukee and discovered that there are African Americans living there. She won, but don’t think the African American community will forget it.

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