Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Some Republican reaction to Doyle’s “State of the State” speech


Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus:

“Governor Doyle’s State of the State speech was a reminder that he’s spent the past seven years expanding state government instead of our state’s economy.

Growing government through new regulations, mandates, and entitlements is exactly what got our state into the current mess, and Doyle’s speech offered nothing to get us out of it.

Doyle is now proposing to significantly drive up the cost of energy for Wisconsin families and businesses, only to turn around and offset the rate increases on manufacturers with taxpayer dollars.

And somehow, Doyle doesn’t think Wisconsin voters will catch on that a new sales tax doesn’t equal a job creation plan.

It is clear that Wisconsin cannot afford more of Doyle’s failed policies, and in November, voters will have a chance to elect a new, Republican governor who will change course, bring accountability to the office, and jobs into our state.”

Republican candidate for governor Mark Neumann:

“There is no doubt that, as a career politician, Jim Doyle is painfully out of touch with the struggles being faced by working folks throughout Wisconsin. The Doyle record cannot be swept under the rug: it is a record of job losses, of historic tax and fee increases, of an economic climate that has devastated Main Streets across Wisconsin.

“The simple fact is that career politicians in Madison and Milwaukee have failed to stop the bleeding of tens of thousands of jobs. When the number of jobs in government beats the number of jobs in manufacturing, you know something has gone seriously wrong in Wisconsin.

“I love this state, and could no longer stand on the sidelines. That is why I joined the race for Governor in the first place.

“As I travel across Wisconsin, I am hearing a common complaint: government is failing us and flat-out ignores our concerns. It is time for a sweeping change, rather than another four years of the same short-sighted policies from someone who considers the role of Governor to be another step up the career ladder.

“We have reached a tipping point in Wisconsin. We are being held back by career politicians and political insiders who lack the real world experience and refuse to make the bold changes we need to create and retain jobs, while delivering balanced budgets that spur tax cuts.

“It is time to unleash our full potential as a state. Together, we can build a Strong Wisconsin.

“I offer a record as a private-sector businessman who has created hundreds of job opportunities in this state. It is that skill-set I want to apply to the job of Governor, while never losing sight of the fact that I will work only for the people of Wisconsin. I will never be beholden to any back-room dealmakers.”

State Representative Bill Kramer:

“Wisconsin taxpayers deserve better than what Governor Doyle and the Legislative Democrats are offering. They deserve a more streamlined government, responsible to the taxpayers of Wisconsin .

“As families continue to struggle to make ends meet in this current economy; they should hardly be expected to suffer the pie-in-the-sky ideas being peddled tonight. I can hardly be expected to tell the hard-working men and women at MetalTek or Waukesha Foundry or Harley Davidson that they should put their families’ lives on hold so they can train in new, so-called “green” jobs.

“The future of Wisconsin depends on a robust economy driven by entrepreneurship and our hard-working families. Our economy needs to be free of the restrictive regulatory and tax schemes of the Doyle Administration and Legislative Democrats.”

State Representative Rich Zipperer:

“Tonight Governor Doyle talked a good game on jobs, providing tax relief, and cutting spending, but his record is exactly the opposite.

In the last year alone, Governor Doyle signed into law $5 billion in new taxes and fees on Wisconsin families and businesses, and also increased state spending by billions. At the same time, he approved misguided policies, such as requiring higher automobile insurance rates, which are hitting Wisconsin families squarely in the checkbook.

It’s no surprise that in the same time period, 163,000 jobs have fled from Wisconsin, and our state now faces record unemployment.

It’s time for Wisconsin to truly focus on job creation – and that should start by rolling back the tax increases and anti-job policies that were enacted this year.”

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