Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Son of Scrima, and another Waukesha Democrat going nowhere


Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus has drawn at least one opponent in the Republican primary for clerk next year, 17-year-old Kurt Heins. His campaign sounds familiar…

“I’m very active musically and recently I’ve gotten interested in politics, so I’ve kind of made the decision to run for Waukesha County clerk,” Heins said.

Uh, oh.

Heins explained his knowledge of the county clerk’s duties.

“My understanding of the county clerk is physically taking care of elections, votes and making sure they’re all reported accurately,” Heins said.

Heins didn’t know how many staff members the clerk is responsible for supervising or what types of fees and forms the clerk’s office processes. He did know that the clerk is responsible for posting County Board agendas and minutes.

Oh, no, not again. Could it be…?

From Heins’ website:

It’s official, the papers have been filed, and he’s in! Kurt K. Heins is really in. Demonstrating pure and unadulterated ardor and strenuous rigor that is unprecedented, Kurt K. Heins will work from behind closed doors to avoid the influence of outside sources, a habit habitually perpetuated by his future predecessor, one Kathy Nickolaus. Above all, Kurt strives to restore the sanctity of the office of Waukesha County Clerk once and for all. In the aftermath of the embarrassing failure of Kathy Nickolaus to conduct herself adeptly and to live a life worth living, we have decided once and for all that it’s time to dismantle the status quo and take back Waukesha County from the special interests. Kurt Heins advocates abolishment of inclusions of pork-barrel and runaway spending procedure cuts of deficit reduction measures and preordainments of the status-quo.

Yes, this Halloween, the most horrifying sequel of all time. It’s… Son of Scrima.

I’m told there will be a serious challenge by a Republican in the primary, too, not just this candidate. Seriously.

Also, the Waukesha County Democrats have found a candidate, Jessie Read, to push conspiracy theories and campaign against the popular voter ID law. Among her qualifications, she’s the business manager / office manager of Peace Action Wisconsin. From her bio describing her qualifications to become the organization’s treasurer in 2012:

After moving to Milwaukee in 1994, Jessie became her church’s treasurer and worked as the church’s office manager for eight years.  She became office manager at Peace Action Wisconsin in 2008.  At Peace Action, she found her peace and justice voice.  Jessie is self-employed as a bookkeeper and office worker for churches and nonprofits, and is considering running for political office.

Good luck with that. I think the Democrats would be better off taking out an ad in the newspaper again looking for a candidate.

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