Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Here’s the actual story regarding the flag at the Burger King: The manager told police a maintenance crew mistakenly put the flag up the wrong way Friday night, and he couldn’t get in touch with their headquarters in Chicago to fix it. Eventually the fire department was able to fix the flag. Not sure where […]

Yeah, that OpenSky system is a real winner in Milwaukee.  There’s a big fire in Milwaukee tonight at an apartment building on the city’s northwest side*.  John Schneider is reporting on Twitter that the firefighters are having a hard time hearing the dispatchers over the radio.  Probably not good for a four-alarm fire to be […]

Patrick at Badger Blogger reports that there may have been more trouble with the Milwaukee Police Department’s communications system on Christmas Eve. This time it was the phone system (more info in the comments section). Good thing there wasn’t a car accident near the Hoan Bridge or anything that might have required the involvement of […]

If I can give one piece of advice to anyone thinking of starting a blog: call first. It takes just a few minutes to check something. Even if they refuse comment, you can always say they refused comment. Because you will look really stupid if you don’t ask. Prolific liberal blogger, union representative, and Milwaukee […]

The Milwaukee Drum, an African American-oriented news site, reports Senator Russ Feingold lost it on the air today while being interviewed by Sheriff David Clarke and Earl Ingram. The Senator ended the interview suddenly after co-host Sheriff David Clarke asked a two-part question. Clarke’s question dealt with Congress adding ‘earmarks’ to the Iraqi War Funding […]

Patrick at Badger Blogger took the opportunity to record the first few moments of the New Year in his neighborhood in Milwaukee: That’s not microwave popcorn. Update: Owen Robinson notes a tragic result of this kind of celebration. Four years old. Print this entry

Over at the Badger Blogger, they’re not too worried about the compensation Milwaukee County employees have received. In addition to generous salaries, employees receive a very generous benefits package: According to the county’s website, the 2008 benefits cost for Milwaukee County employees was 74.35% of salary. And while county employees are decrying proposed wage cuts […]

Hey, I’ve seen ugly Ugly is the Detroit Airport. Ugly is the recent behavior by the Left in Pittsburgh. I wouldn’t exactly call what happened on Sunday at Serb Hall “ugly.” How about, not pretty, and really stupid? Citizens for Responsible Government held a public meeting on Sunday at Serb Hall to cheerlead Milwaukee County […]

Owen Robinson calls BS on the school lunch program numbers.  I always liked the mock chicken legs.  The Appleton Post-Crescent (aka, the Appleton Half-Moon) lists the problems at the state treasurer’s office, but stops short of suggesting Sass should be removed. Rick Esenberg tackles the Gableman question, is it enough not to lie?  We’ll see […]

Badger Blogger gives the boys at folkbum a geography lesson: The claim is, “The company that did Walker’s ads was the same company that did Steve Forbes ads, and they’re based in Chicago.” Well, the fact is, Scott Walker is using a man named Bill Eisner, he is the founder of a company named Nonbox, […]