Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

In today’s Waukesha Freeman, a caller to the Sound Off line makes an excellent point: Schilke column In his Nov. 18 column, Tim Schilke quoted freaky rocker (his definition) Marilyn Manson as a source for his anti-gun position. Last week he was referring to King Arthur’s court and Celtic legends in an attempt to justify […]

It had to happen, I suppose. Mel Brook’s comedy classic “Blazing Saddles” is no longer suitable for even adult viewing on a university campus. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has apologized to a black student who during a class last year was shown a clip of the movie “Blazing Saddles” that features racial epithets. During a […]

Democrats are claiming Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is not qualified to be vice president. I guess they feel the unqualified should only be nominated for president. Jeff Emanuel at RedState.Org does the side-by-side comparison of the Republican nominee for vice president and the Democratic nominee for president, some guy named Barack Obama. Apparently Democrats think […]

The problem of poking fun at the political left and mainstream journalism is that they’re often beyond parody. Fred Dooley left a comment at my site wondering, “I thought it was a racist result to not elect the black guy, or is that only in Wisconsin?” Yesterday’s joke is today’s news analysis, at least at […]

Well, that was quick. Hey, if I was carrying the Olympic Torch and I saw that mob of protestors, I’d high-tail into the nearest warehouse and lock the doors, too. As Cleavon Little once said, “And now, for my next impression, Jesse Owens!” Print this entry