Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a report on the vote that stabbed Democratic State Senator Jon Erpenbach in the back: In a vote that surprised Capitol observers, Larson beat Sen. Jon Erpenbach of Middleton on an 8-7 vote Tuesday. The decision means Larson, a 32-year-old freshman, will serve as one of the primary voices in […]

WTMJ-AM radio talk show host Jeff Wagner points out why fugitive State Senators Bob Wirch, Jim Holperin and Dave Hansen are the nominees for the most-likely-to-be-recalled award. Democrat Bob Wirch basically represents Kenosha County. Kenosha County consists of three very distinct districts ( a Senate District equals three Assembly Districts): the City of Kenosha ( […]

It seems to me we should have a contest to see which recall campaign will be the first to turn in enough valid signatures to recall a fugitive State Senate Democrat.  The leading contestants are Jim Holperin, Bob Wirch, and Dave Hansen.  Of course, Julie Lassa could always sneak ahead of the boys. (The deal to […]

Randy Melchert is keeping track of efforts to recall Democratic State Senators, complete with links to petitions and ways to donate. Looking at the map, I have to think Wirch, Hansen and Holperin are in serious trouble. By the way, wouldn’t it be funny if State Senator Julie Lassa was recalled? That deal to run […]

No, not the guy who was briefly a member of Fleetwood Mac. We’re talking about State Senator Bob Wirch of Kenosha who is facing a possible recall. Looks like organizers had a pretty good turnout tonight. From WXOW: Hundreds of people turned out in Kenosha, demanding the recall of State Senator Robert Wirch. He’s one […]

The Recall Wirch committee has launched a Blogspot page where you can get updates, donate money, and follow links to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Print this entry