Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Lefty blogger Jay Bullock reports from the center square he is running for Congress.  He’s even set up a blog.  The sad part is, even if it is true then it’s still a cruel joke on the taxpayers, and the real fools will be anyone who votes for him. Print this entry

Congressman Steve Kagen (D) told WLUK-TV he might not vote for the Senate health care bill when it comes to the House of Representatives, the first step in the reconciliation process. “I have made the case to the speaker and also to the White House that we should take small pieces, small bites,” Kagen said. […]

State Representative Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee) is no friend of the Milwaukee school choice program and proved it again with a purely gratuitous move to reduce the enrollment cap for school choice students from 22,500 to 19,500. Readers will remember the fight to set the cap at 22,500, and how much heat Governor Doyle took. Now […]

We must move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom! – Jay Bullock For those of you that eat normal mushrooms on your pizza, I think he meant, “…up the pay scale, not forward, and always spinning, spinning, spinning towards WEAC!” Print this entry

What is more pathetic? In the wake of more depressing news regarding the state of Milwaukee Public Schools, a teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools is confident that none of his students would get the following joke: Or that he is so proud of himself for getting the joke he practically breaks his arm patting […]

Leslie Graves, author of the blog State Sunshine and Open Records, ventured onto the pages of the deadtree Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to comment on the decline of newspapers. I switched to exclusively online news consumption, because it meets two compelling social needs: a desire for community and a desire to know and understand others. The […]

Center square occupant Jay Bullock is looking for additional liberal writers for his blog, “folkbum’s rambles and rants.” No reasoning skills or minimum intelligence required. Severe cognitive disconnect a plus. Print this entry

Jay Bullock says, “If you have it, use it.” I think he’s looking for an invitation. Print this entry

Jay Bullock occasionally allows something truthful to appear at his blog. Like during a spirited but inadequate defense of ACORN: Dan, as I read the timeline, ACORN began flagging bad regs for the state late last year. It is possible the state identified some that slipped by ACORN, but that’s why the state has the […]

Jay Bullock fails to have an Obasm over Joe Biden.   "I’ll learn to live with it." Print this entry