Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

I think some law students should request a refund. A Georgetown Law School professor has actually suggested in an op-ed in the New York Times that we should just abandon following the Constitution: Our obsession with the Constitution has saddled us with a dysfunctional political system, kept us from debating the merits of divisive issues […]

Save the Earth from mercury pollution and ban the fluorescent light bulb! Or at least give us our good light bulbs back. In the early days of the 112th Congress, Reps. Joe Barton of Texas, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and Michael Burgess of Texas, all Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee, will once again […]

From Jim Geraghty in National Review’s Morning Jolt: Politico: “President Barack Obama plans a combative response if, as White House aides fear, Democrats lose Tuesday’s special Senate election in Massachusetts, close advisers say.” Well, we didn’t really expect humility, did we? Great to know, Mr. President, that Iran shot protesters dead in the streets and […]

How old are the Chinese gymnasts? I guess we’ll just have to cut them in half and count the rings. Print this entry

A coalition of Jewish groups are reminding the public of how Hitler used the 1936 Munich Olympics to bolster his regime, and they are asking Jews not to support the Olympics in Beijing. Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, past chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, said signers are not alleging that the Chinese government is […]

The Chinese Communists have finally figured out how to have a photo op with the Olympic torch without all those pesky protestors. Go climb a mountain. Live television footage showed a Chinese mountaineering team holding up a specially designed torch — separate from the main Olympic flame — along with Chinese and Olympic flags on […]

The Wisconsin Club for Growth has discovered a pattern in the governor’s schedule: This week, Doyle announced he would be heading to Ireland and the UK, leaving budget negotiations behind. This will be Doyle’s sixth “trade mission” since 2003, but the only thing Doyle is likely to “trade” is a budget headache for a nice […]

Former President Jimmy Carter explains why he would not support a boycott of the Beijing Olympics: As president, Carter led the boycott of the Moscow Olympics in protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. “That was a totally different experience in 1980, when the Soviet Union had brutally invaded and killed thousands and thousands of […]

If the Olympics organizers and the police are going to play “hide and seek” with the Olympic Torch, what’s the point of continuing with the relay? After its parade was rerouted and shortened to prevent disruptions by massive crowds of anti-China protesters, the planned closing ceremony at the waterfront was canceled and moved to San […]

Whether or not the United States boycotts the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony to protest China’s treatment of Tibet, we sure as heck should have boycotted the stupid torch relay. Hundreds of security officers deployed across San Francisco for the flame’s only U.S. stop. Activists fuelled by anger about Beijing’s policies in Tibet and its reaction […]