Thursday, October 19th, 2017

In a letter to the editor, Jim Winkelmann complains about my latest column for the Waukesha Freeman, If he believes that the court is not politicized now he must also believe in the Tooth Fairy. The only difference in the level of politics in the court if Fallone replaces Roggensack is that the “lean” will […]

From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman: Wigderson It’s really sad to know that we live in James Wigderson’s Waukesha. That’s right, James Wigderson’s Waukesha, where people are not allowed to present ideas. Not debate ideas or vote on ideas, even present them, because James Wigderson apparently runs Waukesha. Dan Vrakas and his staff […]

From the Sound Off in this morning’s Waukesha Freeman: Wigderson column When I see James Wigderson’s column in the Thursday Freeman, I give it a quick glance and quickly move on to something more interesting, (for) example, the comics. Oddly enough, I was pulled in as I read the first paragraph about his family vacation […]

As some of you may have read in Saturday’s Waukesha Freeman (just a dollar but chock full of coupons), some unnamed people are upset enough at what I write that they want Freeman Friday Night Live to be sponsored instead by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or some other “regional” media outlet. Waukesha Downtown Business Association […]

Wigderson and his critics, the police squad edition: I don’t often brag too much about the columns I’ve written,  but this last one for the Waukesha Freeman concerning the possible switch by the city of Waukesha to using the county’s emergency call center was pretty good. It’s already caused some interesting reactions. The Waukesha Freeman, […]

Two Sound offs in the Waukesha Freeman (most days just 50 cents!) recently worth commenting on. I should add that I’ve received a number of emails and phone calls in the last week (mostly positive) about my blog posts regarding the mayor as well as my newspaper column this week, but I want to focus […]

This appeared in yesterday’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman: Wigderson column I think the last line(s) of Wigderson’s article (Thursday, Feb. 23) should read: “We can be a better city, one that deserves the honor of the GuitarTown designation if only the citizens and Freeman writers would work toward a positive, supportive attitude of […]

Burr Deming, at Fair and Unbalanced: James Wigderson is a long time supporter of embattled Governor Scott Walker (R-WI). But James is impatient with the Governor’s lack of a coherent explanation for corruption by his closest aides. On a personal note, I find this irritating because James Wigderson once more forces reexamination of the popular image of […]

More reaction to this column that appeared in the Waukesha Freeman on December 8th. Wigderson, Enriquez It’s time for James Wigderson to put up or shut up. His personal attacks on the mayor of Waukesha are nothing but sour grapes because the candidate with an election sign in his yard, Darryl Enriquez, lost in the […]

It’s probably been too long since a “Wigderson and his critics” blog post. This is hardly a complete collection of recent comments about moi, but if some bloggers are going to obsess over me, who am I to deny them their due? Over at Blogging Blue they continue to be more obsessed with me than, […]