Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

I confess to not having a great deal of sympathy for the aldermen in Cudahy who would rather enforce their zoning regulations than work with the local churches in assisting the homeless this winter. I think the decision of the churches to offer all-night prayer services to get around the zoning issue showed far more […]

Former State Senator Kim Plache was elected to a school board seat she didn’t even want in Racine. She wanted to be mayor but the residents of Racine avoided that at least. Plache, you may remember, beat State Senator George Petak in a recall election after he voted for the tax to build Miller Park. […]

The City of Muskego voted to allow a Super Wal-mart into their community, prompting outrage from the usual suspects. Helping a group known as “Muskego First” is left-wing lawyer and failed political candidate Ed Garvey. As a result of Muskego’s decision, a recall effort is now underway against Alderman Noah Fiedler with help from Citizens […]

Time for another installment of Idiot Politician of the Week. I didn’t want to, but I felt I owed it to them somehow. Welcome to Cudahy where the mating call is, “I’m so drunk.” Yes, the punch line of Milwaukee County is too good for Wal-Mart. Casting the deciding vote was Mayor Ryan McCue. You […]