Thursday, October 19th, 2017

The Daily Caller reminds us today of the story of one of the founders of Earth Day, Ira Einhorn. Despite helping to found the environmental movement’s most important day of the year, environmental activist and self-proclaimed co-founder Earth Day Ira Einhorn had a dark side. NBC News recalls that Einhorn was found guilty of murdering […]

The Daily Caller explains the anger directed at former Congressman Mark Neumann, the natural result of the kind of campaign he ran in 2010 against Walker, and how it is affecting the current senate race. In the article, once again I give good quote the way a pundit should. Neumann has previously told The Daily […]

I’m still at the RightOnline conference in Las Vegas where Politico decided to send a young reporter to ask attendees about Neil Munro from the Daily Caller interrupting President Barack Obama. Since I was asked… Many bloggers recalled the Sam Donaldson, who frequently shouted questions and went toe-to-toe with President Ronald Reagan as ABC’s chief […]

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First Lady Michelle Obama is having a poetry reading at the White House. Among the poets is Chicago poet and rapper, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., AKA “Common.” The Daily Caller has a nice transcript from one of “Common’s” poems read aloud: A Letter to the Law Dem boy wanna talk… [indistinguishable] Whatcha gon do if […]

Someone might actually discover when the political left is planning on spinning a fairy tale for one of their pet causes, like high-speed rail. “Fighting dishonesty with dishonesty is sometimes the right thing for advocates to do, yes,” said Yglesias. The exchange, with Washington Examiner writer Mark Hemingway, came on the heels of a debate […]

Tucker Carlson purchased the rights to  Carlson’s Daily Caller reports: In a tweet posted at 10:46 AM, the aging cable anchor wrote, “Regarding @TheDailyCaller and I hope whoever sold it to them got CASH.” Several minutes later, an apparently still-reeling Olbermann clarified his meaning: “Also regarding @TheDailyCaller and – the law’s pretty […]