Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Waukesha Freeman August 27th Page 6A Opinion Another Republican primary Tuesday Westlake, Duchow seen as top contenders in 99th We interrupt your summer vacation with yet another special election in Waukesha County. The Republican primary in the 99th Assembly District is this Tuesday. The winner will likely be the next state representative for this Republican […]

Republicans miss chance on education Waukesha Freeman Page 6A Opinion 4/4/2013 The loss Tuesday night by State Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) in the race for state superintendent for Public Instruction is yet another reminder of how Republicans in Wisconsin are determined to give away education as an issue. Pridemore lost to the incumbent, Tony Evers, […]

I freely admit this is taken out of context. But it’s damn funny. “words are important any time you say something.” – State Representative Don Pridemore in the West Bend Daily News Print this entry

Jack Craver at the Capital Times reports that a number of media figures have been put on a list by State Representative Don Pridemore, a candidate for State Superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction, indicating that Pridemore is not to return their calls. Craver, who is on the list, too, reports the following names: […]

As I expected, last week’s column for the Waukesha Freeman about State Representative Don Pridemore’s run for State Superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction generated a little buzz, including from the good folks at Some liberal buzz, too. Pridemore responded in a comment on my site, As usual Mr. Wigderson writes about me […]

Nullification stance will haunt Pridemore campaign Waukesha Freeman, Opinion 12/6/2012 Page A6   Last week, I mentioned State Rep. Don Pridemore, R-Hartford, in my Waukesha Freeman column as one of the Republican legislators who actually endorsed the idea of arresting federal officials attempting to implement Obamacare in Wisconsin. This issue will follow Pridemore in the […]

Prickly State Representative Don Pridemore (R-kicking puppies) has another primary opponent this year, Nick Oliver. Pridemore has released on You Tube a photo of himself standing behind Governor Scott Walker with a voice-over of the governor endorsing Pridemore. I’m still waiting for Pridemore’s peeps to send me his health care position. Print this entry

Normally I’m the first to complain when a legislator no longer resides in their district. I think that it’s important that for someone to serve in elective office that they actually live among their constituents who voted for them. So when Congressman Reid Ribble moved “outside his district” to his longtime home, I took note. […]

The Republican redistricting plan for the legislature is out, and there’s some rather interesting changes in the State Assembly. Let’s start in the Waukesha area. Republican Don Pridemore will no longer be representing any part of Waukesha County. He moves from the 98th Assembly District to the 59th Assembly District. He will be in the […]

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:2010 Jan 28; Section:Opinion; Page Number: 8A Kanavas’ decision surprises He would be worthy foe for Feingold (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.) On Monday afternoon I started skimming through e-mails and press releases looking to see what […]