Saturday, November 18th, 2017

When I wrote yesterday’s column for the Waukesha Freeman (still just 50 cents, a bargain to see my picture every Thursday), I mentioned how the mayoral race was largely a matter of Republicans and Democrats in the supposedly non-partisan election. The most important issue of the race was the rejection of Nelson’s Democratic Party affiliation. […]

Alderman Vitale* is concerned about the number of tattoo parlors in Waukesha.  Unfortunately, when you say “tattoo parlor” it’s like saying “massage parlor” to local planners.  They think of vice and riff-raff and sailors landing on the Fox River docks with nothing but trouble on their minds. But just as there’s massage parlors and spas, […]

Went to the Waukesha Common Council meeting tonight. No announcement tonight on the radium settlement with the DNR. Global warming has hit Waukesha. Alderman Tortomasi said the “coldest January” caused nine water main breaks, and two in February. If you see water cascading down Arcadian or bubbling up on Broadway, call the city. And if […]

Spent last evening at the meeting of the Waukesha Common Council to hear the presentation by the Northwoods baseball league for the proposed expansion franchise. Without giving too much away about tomorrow’s column in the Waukesha Freeman (a bargain at 50 cents), here are some observations: 1. Of the 30-plus people in the room that […]

I’m sympathetic to parents who don’t want their child’s school to close, but the Waukesha school district has an over capacity problem with building space. Even if the school district goes to referendum, the school district still has too much classroom space for the number of students in the Waukesha school district. Facilities cost money […]