Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

I’d probably like that Widgerson fellow if I ever met him. From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman (still just 50 cents!): Wigderson and Scrima     Widgerson sure is negative. If the mayor would like to make Widgerson more positive, he should consider resigning. That would make all of Waukesha “a happy family.”     By the way, […]

Watch out, concrete manufacturers. The sale of cinder blocks is about to decrease dramatically. South Milwaukee is banning parking cars on the lawn. South Milwaukee residents now are prohibited from parking any type of vehicle — including trailers, mobile homes, motorcycles, cars and boats — on their lawns. The new ordinance also limits the amount […]

My latest contribution to FoxPolitics.net is up. For the record, I warned Jo Egelhoff ahead of time I might go on a fire pit rant. I actually make a wonderful larger point about society that everyone will agree with even as they succumb to their inner-tyrant. Don’t believe me? Check the comments. Annoying do-gooder busy-bodies. […]