Friday, November 17th, 2017

Hey, who’s that really good looking guy on TV with Mike Gousha? How come he only gets five minutes? Click the link below and find out. Print this entry

Long overdue remarks about last night’s taping of Up Front with Mike Gousha. Renee Crawford of Crawford’s Take and I were the guests for a five-minute segment after last night’s presidential debate. For those expecting some screaming and yelling, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I think Gousha was even surprised at the even-handed and temperate remarks. […]

If the presidential debate scheduled for tomorrow night actually takes place, I will be appearing on UpFront with Mike Gousha this Sunday along with Renee Crawford of Crawford’s Take. Of course, if there’s no deal on the bailout, no Mike Gousha, no free pizza while watching the debate. Oh yeah. Talking points and Joe Biden […]