Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

The Heritage Foundation blog, The Foundry, picked up the MacIver Institute’s report on Governor Scott Walker’s plans to reform welfare by adding more work requirements. According to the governor’s plan, able-bodied adult recipients without young children would be required to work or participate in job training for 20 hours a week in order to receive […]

As this video from the Heritage Foundation and shows, state budget battles will spread because they will have to, regardless of party. Print this entry

So who were the winners in the Department of Education’s Race to the Top? The Foundry at the Heritage Foundation says that nearly one-third of all state applicants made it to the next round, hardly an elite group. (Boy, does that make WIsconsin look even worse.) What’s interesting, as Andy Smarick of Fordham points out, […]

The Heritage Foundation has the six differences that have to be reconciled in the health care bills: Soak the Rich or Tax Everybody: The Senate bill relies heavily on a new excise tax on high cost health plans: a 40 percent tax on plan exceeding $8,500 for an individual and $23,000 for a family. The AFL-CIO […]

The Foundry has the Senate’s schedule for passing health care now that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson’s vote has been purchased: Monday, 1:00 AM – Vote to invoke cloture (i.e. end debate) on the manager’s amendment. 60 votes are necessary. Tuesday, 7:00 AM – Vote to approve the manager’s amendment. A majority vote is necessary. Tuesday, […]

Jason Fodeman at the Heritage Foundation writes in an op-ed that the cure President Obama proposes for the nation’s health care system is worse than the disease: The part of our health system that’s broken isn’t the care; it’s the financing. The way to fix it is not to have government pick up an even […]

(Ht: The Heritage Foundation)Update! The version posted by the Heritage Foundation was pulled down, but DJ Konservo posted it on his site. Print this entry

Milwaukee Magazine‘s Bruce Murphy criticizes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for using an expert from the Heritage Foundation to grade the responses of each Wisconsin congressman to the question of what to do about the growing fiscal problem posed by entitlement spending. The JS Sunday Crossroads section has done a fine job of balancing right-wing and […]