Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Jack Craver at the Capital Times reports that a number of media figures have been put on a list by State Representative Don Pridemore, a candidate for State Superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction, indicating that Pridemore is not to return their calls. Craver, who is on the list, too, reports the following names: […]

Jack Craver in the Capital Times wrote about an effort to replace the old gatekeeping system of who gets Capitol press credentials with a new gatekeeping system. If that sounds ridiculous to you, you’re not one of the gate keepers. The Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Board, which is in the process of being set up to […]

In response to criticism from Emily Mills, Jack Craver in the comments in Isthmus makes one more attempt at a defense for his unethical rumor mongering (discussed here, here and here) by falling to the standards of the Shepherd Express: It was a cover story the SE ran in 1996. The title was “Closed Closet: […]

We previously discussed Jack Craver’s blog post lowering the ethical standards of Isthmus* and the double standard revealed by his blog post. Now we have Craver’s response. Craver at Isthmus’ website tries to defend his post attempting to “out” Senator Herb Kohl with this great standard, In explaining why I didn’t think Baldwin’s open homosexuality […]

I already discussed just how much the Isthmus really sunk to a new low ethically in publishing rumors about Senator Herb Kohl’s supposed homosexuality despite his prior denials that he is gay. But for a moment consider if it had been a conservative that had engaged in the rumor-spreading online about Kohl and used the […]

In order to justify the viability of Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin’s possible campaign for Senate, Jack Craver at the Isthmus drags out the question of Senator Herb Kohl’s sexual orientation. Oh, and Herb Kohl is long-rumored to be gay. It’s stated as fact by political insiders. Yes, there’s a big difference between closeted homosexuality and open […]

I miss Russ Decker… Just remember why this whole fight was able to take place. Because Russ Decker lost his job in the Senate, and he hated Jim Doyle. – Jack Craver Print this entry

While we’re on the subject of ethical journalism (and we are, aren’t we?), Ann Althouse asks why Isthmus columnist Jack Craver turned off the camera filming a camel struggling on ice when he was asked by the Daily Show’s John Oliver. The reporter, Jack Craver, apparently obliges John Oliver who tells him to shut off the camera. […]