Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Jay Bullock, MPS teacher and blogger at “folkbum,” 2. This one’s a question: Do all the contracts signed in the last 90 days become presumptively void, or do we have to wait for some asshat to file suit in each case? It seems to me that any old asshat will do, as every taxpayer in […]

Jay Bullock commenting on racial issues is somewhat like Nathan Bedford Forrest offering advice on how to clean sheets. Print this entry

Jay Bullock of the blog folkbum is in a snit about an anonymous comment in poor taste that was left at a conservative website for at least four hours.  I know, it’s just shocking.  Almost as shocking as some white leftist sitting in judgement on who is black enough to be called an African American, […]

In the world of Jay Bullock, the sins of others expiate his own sins.  Pretty pathetic. Print this entry

Despite a general decline in the thoughtfulness and general quality of Jay Bullock’s blog folkbum, he is still one of the leading liberal bloggers in the state. The decline of folkbum can be traced directly to his decision to bring additional bloggers. Last week, one of the other bloggers at Bullock’s blog, “Bert,” really drove […]

Jay Bullock from the center square at folkbum confirmed Wednesday that the rumors are true: Jay and I are splitting up. I’ll admit I’m not completely blameless in the collapse of our relationship. This was probably the final straw: Strangely enough, Jay kinda liked it that I roamed the house in a toga and a […]

Jay Bullock of the blog, folkbum, defends himself from the charges that he is insufficiently left-wing, insufficiently partisan, and insufficiently in favor of higher taxes.  No, really. I’m looking forward to the actual trial. If Bullock is looking for a character witness, I would be more than willing to testify on his behalf that he […]