Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Will the town of Brookfield become a village? Will the villagers carry pitchforks and torches? Will the new shopping mall sell them? Will the new community be named after me? Will I be able to sell t-shorts and coffee mugs? For the MacIver Institute, I looked at why town of Brookfield residents are building a […]

Waukesha Now blogger Jay Walt lists the known actions by Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima that were not in the best interests of the city, and asks, Unfortunately there just has to be someone somewhere who can get to the Mayor and convince him it’s not about “Him“. Jeff Scrima said he ran for Mayor to help and serve this City. […]

Former Waukesha Freeman “Citizen of the Year” Jay Walt looks at Jeff Scrima record as mayor so far and says Scrima has become a time bomb in need of defusing. Who would have scripted this mess? Progress comes from a unified vision and respect between parties. Integrity is recognized when a person’s actions reflect their […]

I’m ready for this one to be over. WUWM-FM, radio so good it ought to sell commercials, takes a quick listen on the Waukesha race for mayor and some of the issues. The interview was hardly groundbreaking, except it continues Jeff Scrima’s flip-flop on the water issue. I keep asking, what happened to the idea […]