Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Last night I posted the winners of the MacIver Institute’s first ever End of the Legislative Session awards. Here were my nominees: Taxpayer Hero – Has to be State Representative Leah Vukmir, for stopping the RTA with a timely amendment. Taxpayer Villain – State Representative Jeff Wood. He’s going to jail, the legislature is going […]

Block said there were two issues especially where Kramer has had an impact. Kramer has made strides in repealing the state’s minimum markup law, including recent passage by the Assembly of repealing the minimum markup for prescription drugs. The other issue is financial transparency for the state, an issue AFP is going to be making a big push for this year.

Kramer said it was great to win the award. “I was a member of AFP from the beginning. I go to as many of their events as I can. I was an activist before I was a legislator.”

Kramer said his acceptance speech will give credit to the organization and people in the room.

“Holding legislators’ feet to the fire is more critical than they know. I want them to know I am with them and that I take their work seriously.”

Former meteorologist and current State Representative Jim Ott (R-Mequon) was asked by the Waukesha Freeman about the effect of Climategate, and what it means for Governor Doyle’s Global Warming Task Force. Ott questions in a Tuesday news release how Gov. Jim Doyle’s Task Force will respond in light of the e- mails. “Democrats in the […]

State Representative Jim Ott, a former meteorologist, is pointing out all of the “hot air” surrounding the global warming debate in a weekly “Hot Air” report. In his April 7th update, Ott specifically attacks what the global warming scaremongers are trying to do at the state level: The Task Force, at the direction of Governor […]

State Representative Jim Ott (R-Cold Front) takes on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s editors and Governor Doyle’s Global Warming Task Force in Sunday’s Crossroads section. It’s important to understand that if the task force’s recommendations are adopted, we all will be forced to make dramatic changes in how we live. The state will interject itself into […]