Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

From the 12/4/2009 AM Links, I’m sure this was just coincidence: John Nichols:   In a big-issue week, joblessness remains biggest issue Jo Egelhoff:   Yeah, it’s the economy, stupid Print this entry

In my never-ending quest to give you more of me more of the time, I wrote an op-ed piece for the MacIver Institute regarding the budget situation for the City of Appleton. Despite a huge hit in shared revenue and an increase in tipping fees and garbage collection costs, Appleton’s proposed budget does not raise […]

Jo Egelhof asks an important question about the Appleton school district: But here’s the question. If the federal government is having to borrow everything it spends, spending your children’s money and your grandchildren’s money; if the state is in deep budget trouble, still struggling with billions in deficits and revenues that continue to fall short; […]

Jo Egelhoff, candidate for the state assembly, issued a statement today in response to a negative attack campaign by the Greater Wisconsin Committee. Coincidentally (of course) it echoes the themes of the Bice column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that I debunked earlier today. HEADLINE: Egelhoff Statement on Greater Wisconsin Committee’s Negative Campaign Appleton – […]

Dan Bice, who was the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s designated blog reader “so you don’t have to”, is back to reading blogs. Bice looks at the online archives of Jo Egelhoff’s and sees apparent contradictions between positions she has taken now as a candidate compared to positions she took as a blogger. As a candidate, […]

Assembly Dist. 57 (Rep) REPORTING 100% Jo Egelhoff 2,021 81% Peter Stueck 464 19% She has her work cut out for her in the general election, but she’ll make a great member of the state assembly. Print this entry

The Wigderson Library & Pub normally does not make candidate endorsements, only product endorsements for a hefty fee. However, there is a race where I have taken more than a passing personal interest is the 57th Assembly District Republican Primary. Jo Egelhoff is a blogger and proprietress of She would also make an exceptionally […]

My latest contribution to is up. For the record, I warned Jo Egelhoff ahead of time I might go on a fire pit rant. I actually make a wonderful larger point about society that everyone will agree with even as they succumb to their inner-tyrant. Don’t believe me? Check the comments. Annoying do-gooder busy-bodies. […]

While Jo Egelhoff is off campaigning for the state assembly, Fred Dooley, Lance Burri and I are pinch-hitting. It’s the least we can do. Really, the absolute least. Fred Dooley has his first installment today, “Big Coffee“. Well, there is one thing you can say about oil, lots of people have made lots of money […]

With the introduction of the Friday afternoon cocktail, pinch-hitting for the Jo Egelhoff on Thursdays, and column writing on Tuesdays, we’re moving the Idiot Politician of the Week to Saturdays. Lucky for us, the move snagged us a last-minute entry this week. On any given week, the idiot politicians are thicker than mosquitoes in July. […]