Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Madison radio station WTDY is changing formats, which means longtime radio personality and disgusting misogynist Sly Sylvester is off the air. Sylvester was also responsible for compromising his station’s news department with his antics. Too bad Sylvester is being fired because of a station format change rather than his behavior, a missed opportunity for the owners […]

WTDY in Madison is a little cranky because one of their reporters was denied access to a Mitt Romney event. After attempting to enter an appearance by Sen. Ron Johnson Wednesday at the Monona Terrace, WTDY political reporter Dylan Brogan was told he could not cover the event, which was open to the press and […]

The headline at the Capitol Times, “Anti-abortion bus tour co-opted by protesters in Madison.” Co-opted, for those of you who don’t speak Madison protestor drum language, means “shouted down.” I have news for the protestors in Madison. This is not what Democracy looks like. This is what fascism looks like. Among the protestors was Madison […]