Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

The always subtle Sara Conrad in her quiet, demure way of expressing herself, asks Governor Scott Walker to come to a decision on the proposed Kenosha casino: Seriously….MAKE A DAMN DECISION. It’s an effing CASINO…not tearing down the damn Berlin Wall or figuring out how to disarm Iran. Nut up, Governor. You sure weren’t dosey […]

Over at RightWisconsin, they asked a number of conservatives if they thought Governor Scott Walker should give his okay for a new casino, and if he’ll give his okay for a casino. I explain there’s actually a third choice before I suggest which way Walker should decide. What Wisconsin should do is repeal the lottery […]

Sad news for Wisconsin bloggers and Republican activists. Blogger, Kenosha Alderman, and Republican party activist Kathy Carpenter passed away. Her Blogger bio said, I am just a concerned Christian citizen who wanted to have a voice after seeing what happened on 9/11. A special thanks to Jessica Bucher for the encouragement and the inspiration to […]

In my column this week for the Waukesha Freeman (just a couple of quarters for the deadtree edition), I questioned the leadership of the Waukesha County Board and their inaction on the proposed Regional Transit Authority in southeastern Wisconsin.  It was a timely piece, appearing the morning the Joint Finance Committee in the legislature was […]

Time for this week’s Idiot Politician of the Week. Yep, we’re moving it to Friday to give them a chance to repent over the weekend. We have a few nominees this week that could win the prize almost any other week if we’re weren’t talking about politicians. We start this week with international affairs, specifically […]