Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

As I wrote over at RightWisconsin, nothing says Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Men like a clenched fist. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO has an ornament you can download and make for your non-exclusionary diversity evergreen. It’s the Wisconsin public employee unions Blue Fist. Just print out the pdf file, fold, tape, and be angry. What […]

Subscribers to RightWisconsin learned yesterday that the AFL-CIO will not be participating in LaborFest 2013, effectively canceling the event. However, I spoke with Christine Neumann-Ortiz of Voces de la Frontera, and she told me that she is talking to other unions about continuing the event. I have more at RightWisconsin today (subscription needed). Print this […]

The unions are not happy that County Executive Chris Abele and the County Board tried to limit the pension “backdrop” benefit. As I explain at the MacIver Institute this week, the unions are resorting to their favorite tactics when they don’t get their way – they’re suing. It was a benefit Milwaukee County’s employee unions […]

President Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board overturned 50 years of precedent, without any act of Congress, by requiring employers to continue to collect union dues even after a collective bargaining agreement has expired. Flying under the cover of the holiday season and the fiscal cliff debate, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has made […]

The police in Lansing are not saying, “pretty please with sugar on top,” when controlling the protesters at the Capitol. One protester decided to try to push a police officer and then grab the baton. Not a smart move. Good thing there is a list of union-made pain relievers. Print this entry

In addition to the Americans for Prosperity tent getting torn down by union thugs, comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was actually physically attacked. (via and Charlie Sykes) Commentary has more: The video that Crowder posted shows multiple altercations with union members and supporters and every punch appears to be thrown while Crowder […]

Michigan union protestors tore down a tent that was put up by Americans for Prosperity. I’m looking forward to reading on leftwing blogs a) it never happened, b) Americans for Prosperity deserved it, and c) the Koch brothers faked the whole thing to make unions look bad. Here’s a picture of the trampled tent. Print […]

The internet was abuzz with the news that Hostess may soon be no more, along with that delicious snack cake, the Twinkie. The company announced it intends to liquidate and fire all 18,500 employees because of a protracted strike by the bakers union. “Let them make no cake.” I have a soft spot – okay, […]

The MacIver Institute has a new video explaining the latest social media tool being used by the unions to get out the vote: I get asked sometimes why I “like” so many Democrats on Facebook. It’s so I can follow them. I’m wondering how many Democratic GOTV contacts I’m going to be subjected to when […]

So what do Mahlon Mitchell and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett have in common? By coincidence, it’s also what they have that’s not in common. Both Mitchell and Barrett actually said things about Act 10 collective bargaining reforms that were not union-approved. Mitchell praised Act 10 for exempting police and firefighters, while Barrett said it didn’t […]