Thursday, October 19th, 2017

See below for update. Liberal blogger and friend of this blog Mike Mathias managed to win his race for school board in Milwaukee. That poor bastard. Our congratulations go out to Mike and his family and we wish him luck in his elected position. That poor, dumb bastard. For the record, I did offer to […]

This is when most bloggers put out their endorsements, something from which I abstain for the most part. Still, some races are worth last-minute commentary. Out of personal friendship I wish Mike Mathias well tomorrow in his race for Milwaukee School Board. While Mike and I rarely agree politically, Mike is a very thoughtful person […]

First, congratulations to Rose Fernandez and her campaign team. Despite being outspent by a wide margin, she advances to the general election for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. With 94% of the vote reporting: Tony Evers 83,768 35% Rose Fernandez 73,912 31% Van Mobley 31,982 14% Todd Price 26,637 11% Lowell Holtz 20,593 9% Congratulations, […]

One of the hazards of running for office is the “unwanted endorsement.” The endorsement from a person or entity with whom you would not wish to be associated under any circumstances. For example, I am sure Dr. Van Mobley did not want to hear the kind words of John Nichols, one of the editors of […]

Milwaukee Public Schools school board candidate Michael Mathias was endorsed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Mathias is running in the 4th district currently represented (in a way) by Charlene Hardin. Hardin is attempting to get herself back on the ballot in the general election by running as a write-in after she failed to turn in […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting union-endorsed Gloria Gaston is taking herself out of the running for school board in the 4th district. However, she will still appear on the ballot along with Michael Mathias and Annie Woodward in next Tuesday’s primary. Running as a write-in is the incumbent, the controversial Charlene Hardin. The Journal […]

It’s likely talk radio and bloggers won’t have Charlene Hardin to kick around anymore. Barring some sort of challenge or a long-shot write-in campaign, Hardin is out of the race for re-election. She fell nine signatures short on her nomination papers. I have not spoken with Mike Mathias yet, but he’s gotta be thinking, “Well, […]

Mike Mathias, sometime liberal blogger and friend of this blog, is running for school board against Charlene Hardin in Milwaukee. Three candidates filed to run against Charlene Hardin, a 12-year member of the board. In addition to Hardin, the candidates are Gloria Gaston, a substitute teacher in MPS; Michael Mathias, who works in the development […]

Mike Mathias, blogger and friend of this blog, is running for school board in Milwaukee against Charlene Hardin. He has an op-ed in tomorrow’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel arguing elections are not the problem of MPS. Don’t get me wrong: Every good idea for fixing MPS ought to be on the table, including lifting the residency […]

Mike Mathias attempts to correct what he perceives as the Right’s misperceptions about so-called peace activists. Esenberg’s arguments pushes the same tired canard that peace activists simply don’t understand how dangerous the world is. This argument is very difficult to understand, particularly when one considers that groups like Peace Action were substantially correct about whether […]