Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Another defense attorney is running for office, and Media Trackers has found an unsavory client. Ron Sonderhouse is a Waukesha attorney running for judge against another attorney Mike Maxwell. In an article cross-posted at RightWisconsin, Nathan Schacht reports, Sonderhouse and his client were able to cut a plea deal with Waukesha County prosecutors in July […]

For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?”  – Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice What idiot pundit said this: Okay Fitzgerald, the courts have ruled. Are you going to wait for the appeals process or are you going to call Governor Scott Walker and […]

Ashley Schultz and my old friend Santo Ingrilli recently expressed some frustration with the conservative organization Media Trackers. I think they’re echoing some of the frustration I’m hearing behind the scenes as well. In the 21st Senate District, I do think there is room for conservatives to criticize Van Wanggaard just as I think there […]

As a few of you may have heard or even seen, Brian Sikma of Media Trackers was hit by a couple of vicious hit pieces in Daily Kos that went after him personally and his family. After checking with Brian, I’ve learned that much of the information in the articles is just simply made up […]

One Wisconsin Now, the self-described partisan organization with the Fascist-sounding name, tried to score a cheap rhetorical hit on Governor Scott Walker. But RightWisconsin zinged them right back: One problem with that line of attack. South Africa has far more stringent requirements for voter registration than anything Scott Walker or his allies have proposed in Wisconsin. Would-be […]

Can Democrats be taken seriously? Walker emerges from probe unscathed Waukesha Freeman March 7, 2013 Page A6 It was the reverse of Watergate. The John Doe investigation focused on so many people surrounding Governor Scott Walker, but the worst crime uncovered was a third-rate burglary. Former Walker aide and confidant Tim Russell was found to […]

I was asked earlier today if I thought Democratic State Representative Mark Pocan and his partner Philip Frank will sue Media Trackers over the false claim by Kyle Wood that Frank threatened him in text messages. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t pretend to be one on television, but it seems to me the […]

Kyle Wood, a volunteer for Republican congressional candidate Chad Lee, claimed to have been beaten up for being a gay man helping a Republican candidate. He then added to the furor by claiming that he was threatened by the gay partner of Democratic candidate Mark Pocan. Now Media Trackers is saying the story isn’t true. […]

The chief investigator of a John Doe probe into alleged illegal activities by some members of Governor Scott Walker’s staff during his time as Milwaukee County Executive is the subject of an ethics complaint himself. David Budde, a past Democratic contributor and a member of Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm’s staff, is the subject of […]

Brian Sikma of Media Trackers is getting smeared by the left, including Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski and the unhinged Chris Liebenthal, as a racist because one op-ed written by him appears on a racist website. (And despite Liebenthal’s efforts, it is just one article.) Had Liebenthal or Zielinski been in any way concerned about […]