Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Michael Horne of UrbanMilwaukee is reporting the departure of Milwaukee Magazine Editor Christina Daglas for “Big D.” As she leaves for Dallas, Horne remembers the departure of Bruce Murphy to UrbanMilwaukee: Daglas joined Milwaukee Magazine in 2009 as an assistant editor, and it was her first full-time job in journalism. She became Managing Editor in 2011 […]

Milwaukee Magazine is ready to turn New Berlin Mayor Jack Chiovatero into a martyr. In an article titled, “The Sad Story of Jack Chiovatero,” Matt Hrodey writes, New Berlin mayor Jack Chiovatero lost last night, and maybe we shouldn’t be surprised seeing as the local businessman once sent an email to a constituent alleging that […]

Milwaukee Magazine’s “tweets” today have all the substance of cotton candy: The Milwaukee Magazine website currently features gay bars, Pridefest, boys wearing tutus, and cream puffs. And no, I can’t make this stuff up. Print this entry

Erik Gunn, writing for, asks but does not answer how involved the staff of news organizations can get in political activity before crossing a line. “Just like their colleagues on the news side of the Journal Sentinel, members of the Editorial Board may not be involved in political activities of any kind,” Haynes tells […]

Bruce Murphy, who just celebrated his birthday Wednesday, is out at Milwaukee Magazine. He’s been replaced by 27-year-old Cristina Daglas, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Funny how they didn’t mention he wrote for them, too. Print this entry

Milwaukee Magazine’s Bruce Murphy took a look this week at the supposed pervasive influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council and finds the conspiracy theories a little hollow. Unfortunately for those who are ready to believe ALEC meetings are the state-level equivalent of meetings of the Tri-Lateral Commission, many of the policies of presumed ALEC […]

Milwaukee Magazine’s website found me quotable again. Click the link here for the rest of the quote, and here for more on Chris Abele. Print this entry

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Mar 17, 2011; Section: Opinion; Page: 8A No wonder Luther’s looking for an exit Scrima doesn’t look so good in profile While our attentions were consumed by the events in Madison, City Administrator Lori Luther’s attentions were drawn to another city. We learned recently that she is a finalist for […]

And in case you’re wondering, while so many in the Internet world blog for free, for Ungar, “it’s a paying gig.” – Erik Gunn, “Strange Bedfellows”  Inside Milwaukee (Milwaukee Magazine) 3/15/11   You would be shocked at how many people try to get blog content for their websites for free. -James Wigderson   Print this […]

Oh, look, I’m quotable again.If you want more, that article appeared Monday at the MacIver Institute website. Print this entry