Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Congratulations to the Mukwonago Indians and their fans.They stood up to the forces of Political Correctness and won. They may not have been the state champions in football this year, but they’re definitely champions off the field. Here is the press release from Governor Scott Walker: Governor Scott Walker Signs Assembly Bill 297 into Law […]

Waukesha Freeman, Thursday, October 24, 2013 Page A8 Opinion On Saturday I was in Mukwonago to see the seventh-grade Mukwonago Braves play football. The boys lost but my son’s friend had a good game. Some Mukwonago residents received free samples of Penzeys Spices and a letter from Bill Penzey asking the residents to oppose the […]

The leftist standard-bearer Capital Times in Madison does a daily online rundown of editorials and blog posts it finds interesting, and yours truly was mentioned again on Monday: Waukesha Freeman columnist James Wigderson is cheered by the Assembly’s passage of Steve Nass’ bill that would place tougher restrictions on changing Indian nicknames at Wisconsin high schools. He’s […]

Assembly moves to save Indians  More offensive things to worry about Waukesha Freeman Page A6  Opinion  October 17, 2013 We’re getting closer to saving the Mukwonago Indians. The state Assembly voted on Tuesday to change the law that allows the Department of Public Instruction to decide on the basis of one complaint that a school’s […]

Kramer may be moving up  Waukesha rep would add spine to Republican majority as leader Waukesha Freeman 8/22/13 Opinion Page A6   When the state Assembly reconvenes in September, Republicans may have a new majority leader, one familiar to many Waukesha Freeman readers. State Rep. Bill Kramer will likely win the election when the Republican […]

The Mukwonago school district is trying to defend its good name, the Indians, from the Department of Public Instruction’s order to change it. While some in the state legislature are trying to change the law, I’ve learned from sources in the Assembly that Speaker Robin Vos is opposed to taking up the issue. It’s a […]

Save the Indians DPI should judge schools on teaching, not logo Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion 7/18/2013 The great sword of political correctness has fallen on Mukwonago High School. The school is being forced by the state of Wisconsin to change the mascot and logo because “Indians” is no longer acceptable. The Wisconsin Department of […]

I find it hard to believe that holding weddings in this setting is so disruptive to the community that the owner is being denied a conditional use permit and is actually getting fined for the violations. ht: Spring City Chronicle Update!After reading this, I hope she sells it to a developer who turns it into […]