Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Here are the latest poll averages from RealClear Politics: Here’s the bad news for Marco Rubio from the FiveThirtyEight blog: According to our polls-only forecast, Rubio has a 42 percent chance of finishing in at least second (Donald Trump has a 77 percent chance of finishing first). That leaves a 58 percent chance of Rubio […]

Welcome to Wisconsin. Please have your papers handy at all times. Starting today in traffic stops across Wisconsin, the police can now ask you for proof of auto insurance if you’re driving. If you don’t have the proof of insurance, you’ll get a $10 ticket. All part of the misguided attempt to make sure every […]

Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell believes that no Democrat will fill Senator Judd Gregg’s seat if Gregg is appointed by President Obama to be Commerce Secretary. “Sen. Gregg has told me that if he were to take this appointment, it would not alter the make-up of the Senate in terms of the majority and the […]