Friday, June 22nd, 2018

The MacIver Institute issued a report yesterday on why Wisconsin failed in the Race to the Top application. The announcement of the report by the MacIver Institute explains why this is so important. ‘Regardless of how one feels about federal education spending, the Race To The Top rewards states that are willing to pursue innovative […]

Another application for federal Race to the Top money, another humiliating defeat for Wisconsin. Unfortunately, while the legislature worried about team logos, other states worried about how to improve their applications for the Race to the Top program and passed real reforms. Wisconsin’s application was rejected again. Instead of competing as a finalist, Wisconsin again […]

Oh, you mean those charter schools. The MacIver Institute reports today the state of Wisconsin may have submitted a false application for the Race to the Top funding. Page 240 of Wisconsin’s recently-rejected application begins with this sentence: There is no limit in State law or regulation concerning the number of charter schools that can be […]

So who were the winners in the Department of Education’s Race to the Top? The Foundry at the Heritage Foundation says that nearly one-third of all state applicants made it to the next round, hardly an elite group. (Boy, does that make WIsconsin look even worse.) What’s interesting, as Andy Smarick of Fordham points out, […]