Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Goodbye to our friend Patrick and the bloggers at Badger Blogger. Nine years is a long time to blog and Patrick should be proud of the work he did over there. Hello again to our friend Steve at No Runny Eggs who slipped back into blogging when my back was turned. Congratulations tonight to Jessie […]

City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima may be changing course on the 2012 city budget since it became clear that he would not be able to get his garbage fee included. Waukesha Patch Editor Sarah Millard said earlier this evening on Facebook that Scrima would drop the request for the garbage fee and would instead […]

According to the status update on her Facebook page, today was Millard’s last day at the Waukesha Freeman. She’s leaving to work for Mark Maley over at Patch.com. Good luck in your new adventure, Sarah! Print this entry

Those two bastards owe it to her after all the fact-checking she’s going to have to do after the last two days. On another note, tomorrow I’m touring the formerly “blighted” areas of Waukesha’s East Side.  Instead of dress shirts, I understand the residents of the renovated ghettos of Waukesha wear something called a “t-shirt.” […]

Since I am not doing my Waukesha Freeman column this week on the mayoral race, some thoughts for the week: You’ll want to read Pete Kennedy’s column from Saturday’s Waukesha Freeman if you haven’t already. Kennedy is a little more pleased overall about Mayor Larry Nelson’s record than me, but I think his analysis of […]