Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

No, I never did believe former State Treasurer Kurt Schuller was serious about getting rid of the office, so it didn’t surprise me four years later when he endorsed a candidate who wanted to keep the state treasurer’s position. If Schuller had been serious about getting rid of the Treasurer position, he would have done […]

After running four years ago on a promise to get rid of the state treasurer’s office, Kurt Schuller made a half-hearted effort on behalf of the needed state constitutional amendment. After that the office fought a rear-guard action to preserve itself while continuing spending money on things like plastic piggy banks. Now the circle is […]

Okay, I’m trying to get a handle on this. Scott Feldt, who currently works in the state treasurer’s office and was running for state treasurer, is dropping out of the race.  Feldt works for the current state treasurer, Kurt Schuller, who ran on a promise to get rid of the state treasurer’s office. Schuller’s failure […]

Matt Adamczyk is running for state treasurer with the promise of helping the legislature get rid of the office. (I wrote about getting rid of the state office for the MacIver Institute last year.) Adamczyk says the state treasurer’s office bought 500 coasters (pictured below) for $1,442. Not a lot of money, but geez guys. […]

Can Wisconsin do without the secretary of state and the state treasurer? Over at the MacIver Institute, I discuss the possible elimination of the two positions thanks to a proposed constitutional amendment. Perhaps the state legislature is finally ready to get rid of the two constitutional offices. A proposed constitutional amendment by State Rep. Tyler […]

State Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass celebrated Higher Education Day on Wednesday by announcing some contests: A coloring contest for 1st-3rd grade students, an essay contest for 4th-6th grade students and the Higher Education Dayvideo contest for 7th through 10th grade students. Each contest winner will receive an EdVest college savings account. I would suspect Sass […]

John Nichols of the Capital Times suggests that power is too concentrated in the governor and suggests returning power to the Secretary of State and the State Treasurer. A number of states are engaged in serious discussions about how to make government more democratic, responsive and accountable. These discussions are wide-ranging and involve everything from […]