Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

I already discussed just how much the Isthmus really sunk to a new low ethically in publishing rumors about Senator Herb Kohl’s supposed homosexuality despite his prior denials that he is gay. But for a moment consider if it had been a conservative that had engaged in the rumor-spreading online about Kohl and used the […]

I miss Russ Decker… Just remember why this whole fight was able to take place. Because Russ Decker lost his job in the Senate, and he hated Jim Doyle. – Jack Craver Print this entry

Dave Blaska, the conservative voice at The Isthmus, was reminded in a rather uncomfortable way that he is vastly outnumbered in Madison. Dave, your neighbors and coworkers will remember where you stood, and what you said. This isn’t going to magically disappear. The vast majority of protesters are not union members, but citizens standing up […]

While we’re on the subject of ethical journalism (and we are, aren’t we?), Ann Althouse asks why Isthmus columnist Jack Craver turned off the camera filming a camel struggling on ice when he was asked by the Daily Show’s John Oliver. The reporter, Jack Craver, apparently obliges John Oliver who tells him to shut off the camera. […]

Jack Craver, writing in The Isthmus, takes a moment to caution his fellow liberals about the polls.  Turns out they might be correct.  Ben Masel, marijuana’s answer to Robert Lorge, says that the polls must be wrong because the youth vote will turn out for the legalize medical pot referendum.  I’m not sure how many […]

Dave Blaska, the squire of stately Blaska Manor, was recently named by the Isthmus as one of Madison’s favorite “Vociferous Speakers.” Blaska does not state what the cash reward is for winning such a prize, but I’m hoping the check didn’t bounce. vo·cif·er·ous adj \vō-ˈsi-f(ə-)rəs\ Definition of VOCIFEROUS : marked by or given to vehement […]