Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone on the left is all about peace and love and pink bunny slippers. Except when it comes to their political enemies: Vandals hit the Racine County GOP headquarters, scrawling “criminals” and other phrases in permanent marker on the front of the offices. Joe Fadness, executive director of the state Republican Party, […]

The police are the target of a graffiti vandal in downtown Waukesha. The other night it was “R.I.P. W.P.D.” Last night more anti-police graffiti was spray painted on buildings near the river at the site of the farmers’ market. Graffiti is much more dangerous to a community than just the temporary damage it does to […]

Adam McCoy at Shorewood Patch buries the real story in his story about Sendik’s in Shorewood facing a possible boycott. Another Sendik’s, 2643 N. Downer Ave., wasn’t been so lucky, as the doors to the grocer were Superglued shut Monday. Anne Nehring said there hasn’t been any vandalism of her store. By the way, the […]

Yeah, those classy protestors who never did any harm to the Capitol. That’s okay. I’m sure State Representative Cory Mason will be willing to give up his staff to pay for the clean-up. After all, this is what “democracy” looks like, right? Print this entry