Thursday, October 19th, 2017

A single lane each way in Johnson Creek is now open. Just be patient out there. Print this entry has a county-by-county flood update. The good news is that all roads and bridges are open again in the city of Waukesha. Print this entry

This weekend is the Democratic State Convention in Steven’s Point. Given the overnight thunderstorms, I thought the governor’s staff might need to get in touch with him in a hurry. So as a helpful service in the public interest of the Wigderson Library & Pub, here is a map of the governor’s likely locations this […]

One of my spies managed to catch this audio moment from the governor’s golf outing Tuesday. Print this entry

Closed roads in Waukesha:Waukesha Closed Roads: Barstow from Corrina to Bank closed Corrina from Buckley to Barstow closed Main St at West blocked to Wisconsin Madison from St Paul to Bank st closed (Bank st also barricaded) St Paul from Maria to Albert closed Silvernail between Grandview and Bluemound barricaded Northview between Emslie and N […]

Possibly some homes have been swept into the lake. Update! 12:22 PM WTMJ is reporting three homes have been washed away into the Wisconsin River. Four to six homes are at risk. Print this entry

The mayor wants water? According to the Spring City Chronicle, Mayor Larry’s house has two feet of water in the basement, according to the mayor. As for me, I got a little water in the basement, but not even deep enough to measure. Hopefully there isn’t any permanent damage to the mayor’s home. We seem […]

Could be worse. Could be KO. Print this entry

And the ark is only half complete… Print this entry

Geese were spotted flying north over the Madison isthmus.But then… reality sets in. Print this entry