Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

The Wisconsin Institute for Leadership came out with its wish list of immediate fixes for Wisconsin’s economy. Kyle Maichle at The North Shore Exponent offers up five ideas to also aid the troubled Wisconsin economy. He calls for 1. Control the State Spending and the Structural Deficit. 2. Transparency in government expenditures3. A real property […]

In an effort to stimulate the economy in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership has a list of proposals it feels the legislature should take up immediately: WIL Calls for Economic Stimulus Package Wisconsin Institute for Leadership Says Immediate Action Needed to Boost State [Madison, Wisc..] The Wisconsin Legislature should immediately pass a series of […]

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) The Wisconsin Institute for Leadership has put forth five principles of health care reform in Wisconsin: We cannot have a strong and viable economy without reforming the current health care system. The current system unnecessarily drives up costs, is rife with red tape and severely strains both government and family budgets […]

Following up on a response that I gave a local liberal who asked why some in the conservative movement were slow to embrace Sarah Palin when the base quickly embraced her, someone else sent me this article on Northeast Corridor Conservatives. It’s an interesting point worth discussing about a cultural divide within the conservative movement. […]

The Wisconsin Institute for Leadership questions if the state got taken to cleaners by the Ho Chunk tribe. This would appear to be a $57.25 million hit to taxpayers. What did we get in return? Moreover, there’s no indication of interest payments for the last two years the Ho Chunk had held up payment to […]

The Wisconsin Institute for Leadership says there’s a time and a place for publicly-funded art, and it ain’t over at the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.   $40,000 for photos of an endangered species, the Wisconsin worker.  I hope it was pretty. Print this entry

The Wisconsin Institute for Leadership ran this obituary yesterday. Click on the obituary to learn why. Print this entry

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The Wisconsin Institute for Leadership Blog notes the position of job czar has produced at least one opening: As Wisconsin struggles through one of the toughest economic stretches in a generation… as job losses mount… as companies are struggling with high fuel costs… as companies move corporate headquarters out of state… The State’s Job Czar […]

Jessi Olson, an enthusiastic new blogger that I met the other day, has a new project, Drill Here Drill Now Tuesdays. I’ll be playing along, too, along with some other bloggers. Help spread the word, and also support the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership’s call for the repeal of Wisconsin’s Minimum Markup law. State Representatives Leah […]