Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Taking another pint down


Time for another Friday afternoon cocktail hour. Beverage, anyone? Another cold brew on a Friday? Fortunately, we have some beer experts over at NPR (radio so good it oughtta sell commercials) to give us a little podcast knowledge to go with our beer.

It’s beer that made Milwaukee famous — and in this hour, live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ira and guests raise a glass to the science of brewing beer. How do yeast, water, hops and grain combine to form a lager, pilsner, or ale?

The steps in the brewing process seem simple: malting (allowing the barley to partially germinate followed by a roasting process), mashing (heating the grain in water, to convert some of the starches into sugars), and fermentation (converting the sugars into alcohol). But the actual process is quite complicated, requiring tightly-controlled conditions supervised by a master brewer. You need the right temperatures, the right times, and the right ingredients to get that brew to turn out right.

This hour we’ve rounded up the region’s best brewmasters to talk about the science of brewing beer, and learn some tips for making your own home brewed treats. We’ll also find out how expert beer tasters judge a good brew. Plus, what is it about Wisconsin that made it a center for brewing? We’ll talk with the author of a book on Wisconsin’s best brews about the natural resources and cultural heritage that put this state on the beerlover’s map.

And for those whose attention spans are a bit shorter, did you ever wonder why the bubbles in your pint of Guiness move down instead of up?

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