Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Tarantino aide busted for drunk driving on way to pick up candidate’s child


WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee reported Thursday night that Assembly candidate Jeanne Tarantino’s campaign aide Rachel Pecor was arrested for drunk driving on her way to pick up Tarantino’s child.

It’s around 8:15 p.m. Tuesday night and Pecor was behind the wheel of this car, crossing the center line in Pewaukee.

“Hi. What are you doing? You’re all the way on the wrong side of the road,” the officer said.

That’s when Pecor starts to play the political game.

“My candidate is running for state assembly here,” she answered.

That candidate, Jeanne Tarantino, is running for state assembly. Her child was the one Pecor was on her way to pick up from dance class. The officer had Pecor to pull around the corner to a safe area, but it soon becomes clear she’s not in control. She has no license, and the officer notices alcohol on her breath.

After finding three empty vodka bottles, Pecor said to the officers, “I don’t care what you do to me. Just don’t let this become a campaign issue, please.”

Just don’t let this become a campaign issue has been a regular plea from the Tarantino campaign as it stumbles towards Tuesday’s primary. Tarantino’s statement in court that she was discriminated against by Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch has haunted her campaign, as I wrote in Thursday’s Waukesha Freeman. (Continuing the irony of Kleefisch’s endorsement of Tarantino, Pecor was Kleefisch’s campaign manager during the recall.)

While a drunk driving arrest by a campaign staffer is not normally an issue, that Pecor was on her way to pick up Tarantino’s child may reflect poorly on the candidate’s judgement. Unfortunately, the Tarantino campaign isn’t talking about this issue yet according to WTMJ, the same way the campaign has reacted to other controversies, so we may never know the full story of how Pecor was the one sent to pick up Tarantino’s child.

Meanwhile, on Thursday a key endorsement came in the Assembly race. Former Lt Governor and State Senator for Pewaukee Margaret Farrow endorsed Pewaukee police chief Ed Baumann. Farrow’s son, Paul Farrow, is the current state senator.

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