Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Tarantino tales


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel political gossip columnist Dan Bice, taking a break from applying for jobs with supermarket tabloids, decided to indulge his prurient interest and report on comments made by Jeanne Tarantino, a candidate for state assembly in the 98th district, during her divorce.

Really. They’ve sunk to divorce court reporting now. Next thing you know Bice will be staking out apartment balconies hoping to catch suggestive silhouettes on the curtains.

Of course, in his eagerness to find dirt, Bice all-but-ignores the facts that are most salient to the voters in the 98th district, that Tarantino once worked for former Democratic State Senator Barbara Ulichny, former moderate Republican Sen. Joanne Huelsman, and did volunteer work for Democratic Congressman Gwen Moore. One of them editor thingies with any sort of knowledge of Waukesha County might have told Bice to investigate the more relevant story.

Meanwhile, voters in the district are probably less concerned with Tarantino’s job woes than they are with her judgement concerning which political figures are worthy of support. Unless there is a dramatic tale by Tarantino of a recent road trip to Damascus, Waukesha County’s conservative voters may cast their vote elsewhere.

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