Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Tell me again about the peaceful left


National Review Online columnist Jim Geraghty describes the scene outside the Republican National Convention in his “Morning Jolt” email:

Security: It is a depressing statement on our age how the perimeter of a national convention site has to look like a war zone: chain-link fence after chain-link fence, concrete barrier after concrete barrier, armed guard after armed guard. Don’t get me wrong, all of the security personnel are exceptionally polite and professional so far. It’s just a bit dispiriting to arrive at a site where you hope to witness political history being made, and the first landscape you encounter resembles the DMV between North and South Korea.

I think it’s safe to assume that most of that security is not directed at people wearing tricorn hats or “Don’t Tread On Me” t-shirts. More likely it’s directed at the leftwing protestors expected to show up in Tampa. Some of them are definitely not peaceful.

Geraghty also has this:

“A Republican National Convention protestor was arrested while he allegedly carried a machete strapped to his leg, according to deputies.”

When machetes are outlawed, only protestors at the Republican national Convention will carry machetes.

Blogger Dave Blaska puts it best:

The Republican National Convention starts this week in Tampa, Fla., Hurricane Isaac permitting.

As uncertain as the weather can be, there is one certainty: liberals will make fools of themselves and take pride in doing so.

The marching, chanting, placard-waving gaggle of Lefties picketing a Republican event is as predictable as hornets at a late-summer cookout.

Those whose sense of self-importance is exceptionally overweening will taunt the police, attempt to shout down opposing viewpoints, and break things.

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