Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

The bottled water candidate


Sometimes you wonder where these people were in science class. Jake Speed, a Republican candidate for the State Assembly in the 94th, is opposed to fluoridation of the water supply.

“If elected I will propose a bill to make fluoridation of water illegal in WI. If people want to use the stuff they can get it in their toothpaste or from their dentist. It was NEVER meant to be swallowed…”

People ask why the party establishment likes to stick its nose into primaries. This is exhibit “A.”

Here’s a list by Jake Speed of other things than can sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids.

Besides, if the government was really so concerned with our health they would look in the mirror. The FDA which is a corrupt criminal organization that arrests our citizens for doing things like curing skin cancer without surgery or expensive chemotherapy. The things the FDA calls safe have been proven as cancer causers. Aspertame for example metabolizes into methanol. That is a poison that can kill you or make you blind and cause kidney failure and liver damage. They recommend that vial poison as a healthy alternative to natural sugar. Corn syrup is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes and I bet you didn’t know that for every 125 calories of corn syrup you ingest your body craves another 100 calories of intake. It’s cheaper than sugar and has the hidden benefit of making you hungrier so you buy more food. Pure win win for the profit column. It also metabolizes into acid which has been proven to create an environment for cancer to start. Thanks to the FDA it now takes a chemistry degree to understand what is in your food. The FDA allows waste products from other processes to be used as fillers that they claim to be safe. If you read the labels of your food take notice, the cheaper the food, the longer the chemical list on the label. It has more toxic waste content to get the price down. Fluoride is claimed to be safe. They put in our water supply and what they don’t tell you is it is an acid sludge that they remove from the smokestacks of coal fired power plants. They say it prevents cavities but acid is the cause and fluoride is an acid. Are you convinced that has nothing to do with rising costs, increased cancer, obesity, heart disease, autism and a long list of other conditions that are on the rise? Now John Mcain wants to pass a bill that would take away our vitamins and herbal remedies. The government caused this crisis and now they offer a solution that will take away our most important freedom, control of our own health and wellness. So people, GET MAD, stop this run away government from doing what could end up leading to a revolution that if cornered could cause a violent reaction from a people who believe in freedom. Sometimes it seems like that is what the government is looking for so they can wipe out the last of the freedom fighters and hand over the last free nation in the world to those who want to create a one world government. I guess the bottom line is that this is not about a healthier nation physically or financially, it’s about more government control of our lives…

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