The Case Against Trump

by James Wigderson | November 20, 2015 6:58 pm

Kevin Williamson of National Review wrote an Encounter Books “broadside” making the case against Donald Trump, and in the process exposes some ugliness about the populist wing of the Republican Party. Over at RightWisconsin, I have a review of Williamson’s book[1] that was released this week. Here’s part:

So why is the absurd Trump the populist hero? Williamson says it is in part due to his celebrity. Williamson points to a polling curiosity of Trump’s popularity. When asked in a Fox News survey to name a second-choice candidate, Trump voters chose Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Bush voters chose Trump. “The Trump-Bush overlap in the early polls suggests that Trump’s first foothold in the race was much a question of celebrity – of simple name recognition – as anything else.”

It’s certainly not because of Trump’s accomplishments. “His career has, if anything, more closely resembled that of Paris Hilton, another heir to a splendid fortune who converted tawdry celebrity into a reality-television franchise, spinning that fame into a number of businesses that consist largely of renting her name to consumer-goods companies and entertainment venues.” What Williamson does not add, out of charity perhaps, is that Hilton actually had a coherent political platform.


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