Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The Democrats’ Jewish question


Democrats are worried about their “messaging” to a significant part of their base, American Jews. As an article in Commentary points out, it’s hard to keep Jewish voters in the Democratic coalition when Democratic President Barack Obama is considered to be the most hostile president to Israel in years and Obama’s domestic policies are a failure. However, the Democrats might have an ironic solution:

The one factor Democrats still have going for them is that most liberal Jews are still far more fearful of pro-Israel evangelical Christians because of their stand on church-state separation than they are of Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah or even al-Qaeda. That means a candidate like Rick Perry will likely struggle to improve on John McCain’s poor showing among Jewish voters in 2008 despite doubts about Obama on Israel. That will mean the Democrat “message” to Jews will have far more to do with scaremongering about evangelicals as well as the usual liberal Medicare tactics about entitlement cuts than it will about Obama’s virtues.

Yes, because if there’s something Jews can truly appreciate, it’s good old-fashioned hysterical scaremongering directed at a religious minority.

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