Sunday, August 25th, 2019

The do-anything, no-holds-barred candidate


Who’da thunk it was Obama? Chris Althouse, a Democratic county delegate in Texas supporting Hillary Clinton, received a mailing to flip his support to Obama:

I just got a flier in the mail from Barack Obama. It’s clearly a special flier for delegates. It has my full name, address, and “Support Barack Obama at your County Convention!” There’s no point in sending a message like that to anyone who isn’t a delegate; the county convention is where the delegates meet, post-caucus. So, they got my name and address from a list of caucus delegates, and the lists of those delegates say who each person has pledged their support for. In fact, Clinton’s campaign sent me a link to the lists that are sent to the campaigns, so I know what they look like. [ADDED: This list, which shows which candidate the delegate supports, is on line.] Technically, I could change my vote from Clinton to Obama, but the delegates were selected proportionately to represent the voters. Surely, he isn’t suggesting that I do this, since he so firmly believes that delegates, pledged or super, can’t go against the will of the people. Or is he?

Shady land deal, rough-and-tumble politics, all he needs to do is drop his pants in front of a civil servant and Obama is the second coming of Clinton.

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