Saturday, August 17th, 2019

The Edward Gibbon Report


Notes from the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization:

  • Nobel Prize-Winning Biochemist Apologizes for Remarks About ‘Trouble With Girls’ – The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Target Under Fire For Gender-Biased Toy SignOpposing Views
  •  CIA says Bin Laden’s porn stash, if it exists, is classifiedWashington Post
  •  Are 112 Year Olds Causing a $12 Billion Social Security Fraud for Taxpayers?Americans for Tax Reform
  • NEW CRISIS: America’s Children’s Books Contain TOO MANY WHITE PEOPLEDaily Caller
  • NIU Using “Game Of Thrones” To Teach About Media And HistoryCBS Chicago
  • NPR’s Diane Rehm Accuses Bernie Sanders of Having Dual Israeli-American CitizenshipWashington Free Beacon

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