Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

The entertainment value of Al Franken


If Air America really does come to Southeastern Wisconsin, local conservatives may want to check out

In the meantime, Brian Fraley has the fundraising letter from Democrat State Senator Judy “It’s for the children” Robson begging for money to get Air America broadcasting in Milwaukee. An excerpt:

Efforts are under way to build a similar grassroots campaign here in Wisconsin, potentially starting with Milwaukee, a city desperately needing some balance and honesty.

The Republican media spin machine can no longer get away unchecked with a message so disconnected from mainstream Wisconsin values. Their version of the “news” plays on people’s fears and fuels perceptions far-flung from reality.

Wisconsin is a battleground state, and our politics are seen by many as a bellweather for the nation. After the last couple of elections we have seen the costs of turning off and tuning out from politics. It’s time that we stand up and secure our own future. It’s time to bring an honest, progressive alternative to Wisconsin’s airwaves.

Visit our website at “” or go directly to “” to learn more about how you can own a piece of Air America in Wisconsin.

It’s tempting to ask Robson if she’s totally deranged, but I’ll wait for her fellow Democrats in the state senate to ask her that question when they start begging for funds in September and the donors answer they’ve given to “Robson’s folly” instead. I hope Al Franken is worth it.

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